Lawrence A. Barton

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September 16, 1936
February 8, 2024

Lawrence Allen Barton, 87, of Aberdeen, SD, died February 8, 2024.

Lawrence Allen Barton was born in Fullerton, ND on September 16,1936. He was the son of Earl and Vera (Payton) Barton, and the 5th of their 7 children, Laura Louise Lematta (d.), Kenneth Barton (d.), Robert Barton (d.), Raymond Barton (d.), Darlene Atkinson, and Earlene Retzlaff. He grew up loving farming, and all sports. Lawrence especially excelled in Legion Baseball and was an avid jokester. He served in the National Guard and was always ready to lend a hand to whoever was in need.

He married Margaret Marie Moore on June 20, 1956 in Forbes, ND. They spent part of their early married life in Fullerton, ND and their first child, Cynthia Marie, was born in Aberdeen, SD. Shortly after that they moved to California where for a short time Lawrence worked at an Insulation Company. 1962 and 1963 were sad and difficult years for the young family as they lost baby boys, Michael Allen, and Derrick Arthur at birth. In 1964 their world became much brighter with the adoption of a blonde blued baby boy, Timothy Lawrence.

They lived in California for many years, spending most of their time in California City, where Lawrence became a Licensed Carpenter and Contractor. He was a fun and supportive husband and father, always able to create laughter. He enjoyed coaching Tim’s little league team and he played golf with his family. Lawrence and Tim loved motorcycle rides in the desert, while he and Cindy enjoyed Father-Daughter dances and singing along to the radio. He was active in the community and served as a Commissioner for the Parks and Recreation Board for several years. Lawrence or “Larry” per his California buddies, was an excellent bowler on both a men’s and couple’s league.

He enjoyed deer and bird hunting in the California mountains with his pals. Lawrence liked family camping trips to various beautiful places in California and he was always up for a card game. Every Summer included trips to visit extended family in North Dakota. One Summer involved purchasing a farm outside of Ellendale where the family moved to in 1975. Lawrence raised many head of cattle and sheep, while farming corn, wheat, and hay. He did all of this while dealing with the ill effects of a couple of strokes he endured during his 50’s. Due to his strong determination and a supportive wife he continued to be a successful farmer for many years.

In 1978 his daughter Cynthia married Richard Hinds, and they would later provide Lawrence and Margaret with 3 active adorable grandsons, Derrick, Tyler, and Brandon. Overwhelming loss occurred in 2000 when Lawrence’s son, Timothy was called to heaven in his young adult years. His wife, Margaret would also sadly depart after a long battle with Cancer in 2006, just a few months short of their 50th Anniversary. Lawrence continued farming but eventually chose to rent out his land and moved to Richmond Lake in SD where he could soak up the great outdoors.

Between the years of 2004 to 2020 Lawrence’s Family added two lovely granddaughter-in-laws, Lori and Dasha. Then to follow came 6 beautiful Great-Grandchildren, Ethan and Isabella, children of Derrick and Lori Hinds, and Elijah, Atticus, Isaac, and Emilia, children of Tyler and Dasha Hinds.

On April 10, 2011 he married Florence Noess and they shared the beautiful views of the Lake for several years before moving into Aberdeen, SD. They often took rides in the country and enjoyed playing cards with family and friends. Lawrence loved building things, especially things for his grandchildren including a crib and rocking horse. And last but not least their coffee time with friends at McDonald’s was a morning ritual.

Florence brought additional family into Lawrence’s life: three stepsons and their spouses, Wayne (d.) and Deb Noess, Merlen and Carolyn Noess, Leslie and Bobbi (d.). Step Grandchildren: Derek, Heath (Destinee), and Josh (Jessie) Meidinger, Eric, Amy, Sheldon, and Samantha Noess, and Step Great-Grandchildren: Trey Noess, Soren Noess, Braylin and Ariah Meidinger, and Connor Noess.

Lawrence’s life on earth came to an end on February 8, 2024, after a difficult battle with cancer. His memory will be forever cherished by many, and his stories and songs will undoubtedly continue for generations to come. Rest in deserving peace, with an abundance of love.