Interment Options

niche Aberdeen cemeteryA traditional ground burial is the most common method of disposition at our cemetery. There are several Gardens to choose from. Each Garden has a Monument as a focal point that may offer inspiration and hope.

Sunset Memorial Gardens in Aberdeen prides itself on being able to provide options for families. The options available include everything from the traditional casket or urn burial to entombments of caskets and inurnments of cremations in our mausoleum.

Sunset Memorial Gardens has a garden which is set aside for Veterans and their spouses which we have named the Garden of Honor. This garden follows some of the same guidelines as National Veterans cemeteries.  Also, a new Garden has been opened which allows upright monuments and private family Mausoleums. This new addition is called the Garden of Calvary and is located next to the mausoleum.

Above ground entombment is available in our Mausoleum. There are indoor and outdoor Crypts available for single and companion spaces. The indoor environment is climate controlled for our families and guests to visit in comfort. Our outdoor Crypt area along with the entire area around the Mausoleum building has been re-landscaped. The outdoor Crypt area has a warm, patio-like atmosphere.

In the Mausoleum building/Chapel, Niches with glass fronts are offered for inurnments and or placement of a permanent memorial display.

We have recently added an outdoor Columbarium and Ossuary just outside of the mausoleum.  An Ossuary is where bagged cremation remains are placed in an underground container.  These bagged cremations share the space.  A granite tablet located next to the ossuary is used as a space to engrave the names of the individuals whose ashes have been placed in the Ossuary.

The Columbarium is an outdoor Niche made of granite with a bronze nameplate that is located near the Ossuary.  Each Niche space in the Columbarium can hold up to two urns.

Ossuary columbarium