Preserving and maintaining the grounds of our cemetery is our primary objective. The staff and management work hard every day to keep Sunset Memorial Gardens the best groomed and maintained cemetery in the region.

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Donations to Sunset Memorial Gardens

Sunset Memorial Gardens is a Perpetual Care Cemetery. Perpetual Care means there is a Trust Fund established for the care and maintenance of the cemetery.  This fund is invested for growth and stability to insure there will always be monies available for generations to come.  This fund not only pays for upkeep to cemetery grounds and buildings, but also for repairs and maintenance to markers and monuments at no additional cost to the families.

Bequeaths and contributions are welcomed and can be designated for current projects or for future stability.  Your donations are welcomed and will contribute to the continued beauty of the cemetery.

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Berm Project

The Berm and Water Mitigation Project has been the single largest project developed since the inception of the cemetery. This system keeps excess water and runoff from other properties from accumulating on Cemetery grounds. This project had a total cost of nearly $500,000! It has been fifteen years since construction has been completed and it is working well to prevent our grounds from flooding.

Due to conservative management and financial planning, Sunset Memorial Gardens has been able to reduce the financial burden considerably, but we still have debt of $250,000. We ask that you consider making a Tax-Deductible Charitable Donation to Sunset Memorial Gardens Berm Project 501(C)(13).

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Sunset Memorial Gardens staff and management will continue to make every effort to keep this the most aesthetically appealing cemetery in the area. It is our honor to care for your loved ones.

Donations may be made by credit card, check or cash. Credit card donation may be made over the phone for additional convenience. 100% of any donation will be and is applied to debt relief of the Berm and Water Mitigation Project. We thank everyone who has contributed, no matter the amount. Thank you for your assistance in helping us eliminate the debt and continuing to make Sunset Memorial Gardens a beautiful resting place for your loved ones.

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