Cemetery Monuments and Markers

grave markers

Sunset Memorial Gardens has always offered flat bronze markers because we are a garden-type cemetery. We now offer a full line of stone monuments that can be placed in our newest ‘upright’ garden; Calvary.  Along with this offering, we are going outside of our cemetery boundaries to offer placement in any cemetery.  We can help with any design from simple grass markers to complex custom cuts and intricate laser carving.

With so many options, we are sure we can design a memorial that represents your family or any family member with honor and dignity. Below is information regarding options to consider for any style of marker.

Bronze Flat Markers

Sunset Memorial Gardens offers flat bronze markers set on granite bases.  These bronze markers come in various sizes to accommodate an individual or couple.  The flat bronze markers can also come in different colors and are customizable.


Flat bronze markers are typically purchased to represent either two people (companions) or one person (individual) and are offered in several sizes.  And although any memorial can be purchased without a vase, our prices are quoted to include a bronze vase, granite base and installation of the complete memorial.

grave markers available at Aberdeen Cemetery Sunset Memorial GardenEmblems

On flat bronze markers, up to 3 emblems can be added to each individual or companion marker at no additional cost. Most commonly there is a center emblem or ribbon that is often matched with the design of the marker, usually placed under the vase, which states:

  • Together Forever
  • Forever Together (with or without wedding dates)
  • In Loving Memory
  • In Gods Loving Care

 When choosing additional emblems for each person, the following references help narrow the search:

  • crucifix cross cemetery monumentReligious: Praying hands, Open Bible, Crosses, Angels, etc
  • Veteran Service: Army, National Guard, Navy, Air Force, etc
  • Service Clubs: Lions, Rotary, Mason, etc
  • Occupation: Farmer, Trucker, Teacher, Nurse, etc
  • Hobbies & Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Sports, Knitting, Motorcycles, etc

Emblems can be specific or generic.  Once given a category, for example: cats, the design options can be broken down for easier selection


On flat bronze markers, most commonly, the birth year and death year are put into the markers for no additional cost.  A full date, such as January 15, 1925 – December 2, 2011 does have an addition fee unless the bronze marker is being made for an individual at the time of need.

Crypt Plates

Crypt plates come in 3 different bronze designs; Rose, Dogwood or Pine.  When selecting a crypt plate you are allowed up to 3 emblems and 4 words of text at no additional charge, the same as the flat bronze markers.  We strongly encourage families to come into the mausoleum to see a variety of options.

custom monument memorialGranite and Upright Markers

The line of monuments and markers come from sources all around the world to offer the color that most pleases the purchaser.  Granite monuments can be customized to be as unique as your family or as simple as you choose.  We offer exceptional products and service while working within your budget.

The Garden Of Calvary is unique to Sunset Memorial Gardens because it is the only section of the cemetery that allows upright monuments and/or the placement of private mausoleums.  Please check with cemetery office if interested in learning more.


Cameos are a great way to memorialize a loved one.  A cameo is a color or black & white photo imprinted on to either porcelain or steel and then installed onto the flat bronze marker, crypt front or upright marker.

  • Cameos can be added to markers when ordered or at a later date for crypt fronts or upright marker provided space is available.  Cameos on flat bronze markers should be ordered when designing.
  • Cameos come in several size and shapes such as oval, rectangular, and heart.  Choosing which size works best depends on what else is on the marker and space available.

cemetery flags honoring veteransVeterans:

Veterans and families of Veterans need to be aware that there are several marker options from the Federal Government.  Options include everything from a full-size flat bronze marker to a small medallion that can be added to an existing marker.  We suggest that the family contact our office to go over the options available to the veteran for their specific lot location.  We also have a special Veteran’s Recognition Program.

Keeping your Bronze marker looking like new: Over time, markers can take on a dull look and after many years will go into a natural patina process, however, to keep your marker looking new you are welcome to clean it.  We recommend a very mild soap and soft bristled brush.  After the marker is cleaned, rinsed and dried off, we recommend coating it with lemon oil for a brilliant shine.  Using any harsh chemicals or rough/abrasive brushes can damage the protective coating and sealant placed on the bronze marker from the manufacturer.  Note; never use a lubricating oil like WD-40 or similar product.