Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery Facilities

mausoleum Aberdeen SDSunset Memorial Gardens of Aberdeen is proud of the options it offers to the area.  Our Mausoleum is the most up to date, clean and welcoming mausoleum in Northeastern South Dakota and Southern North Dakota.  The chapel is temperature controlled year round to offer comfort to visitors or families saying their final good-bye to loved ones.  The outside Crypt area has recently been re-modeled to be more like a relaxing patio area.

The many Gardens of Sunset Memorial Gardens are always maintained to the highest standards.  We are constantly updating landscaping and maintaining monuments and markers.


Donations to Sunset Memorial Gardens

Winter beauty in Aberdeen SD cemeterSunset Memorial Gardens is a Perpetual Care Cemetery.

Perpetual Care means there is a Trust Fund established for the care and maintenance of the cemetery.  This fund is invested for growth and stability to insure there will always be monies available for generations to come.  This fund not only pays for upkeep to cemetery grounds and buildings, but also for repairs and maintenance to markers and monuments at no additional cost to the families.

Bequeaths and contributions are welcomed and can be designated for current projects or for future stability.  Your donations are welcomed and will contribute to the continued beauty of the cemetery.

Sunset Memorial Gardens has seen a lot of change the past ten years.  There’s been a great financial investment in maintenance equipment and infrastructure.  The largest investment into our Cemetery has been the Berm and Water Mitigation System.  This system keeps excess water and runoff from other properties from accumulating on Cemetery grounds.  It’s been almost ten years since construction has been completed and it’s working well to prevent our grounds from flooding.  This project had a total cost of nearly $500,000.   Due to conservative management and financial planning, Sunset Memorial Gardens has been able to reduce the financial burden considerably.  Sunset Memorial Gardens has received several thousand dollars of charitable contributions to help reduce the indebtedness, but we still have debt of $300.000 currently.  We ask that you consider making a Tax-Deductible Charitable Donation to Sunset Memorial Gardens Berm Project 501 (c) (3).  Help us continue to make Sunset Memorial Gardens a beautiful resting place for our loved ones.

All Donations to Sunset Memorial Gardens are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.