Cremation Urns and Vaults

Sunset Memorial Garden Aberdeen Cemetery standard cremation urnSunset Memorial Gardens in Aberdeen, SD has a variety of cremation urns available to purchase for burial, niches, and columbarium use on a pre-need or at need basis.  We offer a variety of urns from different materials such as wood, bronze, glass, ceramic, stone, metal and composite in a range of styles, colors, and shapes.

Sunset Vaults:

As Sunset Memorial Gardens continues to improve the products we offer, we are proud to announce that we are again producing our own burial vaults.  Sunset has always offered burial vaults; however, in 2012 we became the areas only producer of Eagle brand vaults.

All of our vaults are made of triple-reinforced concrete from a local supplier. Reinforced with rebar, wire mesh and fiber mesh for strength and durability. And because we manufacture the vaults, we can control the quality that goes into each and every unit. We produce both an unlined and a lined vault for our traditional casket burials. Both the unlined and the lined vaults include a tongue-in-groove seal that bonds the cover to the base. The lined vault also comes with a seamless polystyrene liner. This provides additional protection from the elements. We then paint the vault at the time of need to match the casket. Cremation Urn Vaults are also produced on sight with the same high quality as the Sunset Lined vault.

variety of urns available at Sunset Memorial Aberdeen Cemetery short urn available at Sunset Memorial Aberdeen CemeterySunset Memorial Garden Aberdeen cemetery casket vaultsilver Aberdeen cemetery casket vault