Tree Donation Program

Sunset Memorial Garden of Aberdeen wants to create beauty and serenity for all those visiting their loved ones. Join us and keep their memory alive in a way that lives on with our tree donation program.

Sunset Memorial Gardens’ memorial tree program provides for a long term design for the grounds and diversity in species in each garden with the tree selection made available. Due to this, we cannot promise that the tree chosen will be the one placed by your loved one. However, vibrant beautiful trees benefit everyone and are perhaps the most fitting memorial of all.

Trees are a minimum of 6 ft tall and planted at the optimum time for future success based on the tree variety. While we take great care of all our grounds, should any tree purchased die, they will be replaced at no additional cost to the family.

Call 605-225-5361 to order your memorial tree today. 

 white oak tree
White Oak Tree
$ 182.79
 Sienna Glenn Maple Sienna Glenn Maple Tree fall & summer colors  $119.29
American Linden tree American Linden Tree
 Clump Birch tree Clump Birch Tree