Crypt, Niche Bouquets & Vases

Remember your loved one all year long with a seasonal mixed arrangement of florist quality silk flowers for Crypts and Niches. Crypt vases are very popular for year round silk arrangements and offer an inner basket to accommodate fresh flowers for those special occasions. Niche vases allow the family to provide seasonal arrangements. The staff can assist in choosing the appropriate vase for your niche location. You can also check out and order your 2018 cemetery bouquets.

crypt vase bud vase fluted vase Crypt Vase – $375.00
Bud Vase (Single or Double Niche) – $160.00
Fluted Bud Vase (Deluxe Niche) – $290.00
ALL VASES SHOWING BELOW WITH FLOWERS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY Plus 4.5% tax on vases and flowers(Vases are for use at Sunset Memorial Gardens, only. We do not sell or ship to other cemeteries.)
 Crypt Bouquet J-1155 Orange Starburst Mum/Yellow Daisy w/blossom $20.00 Crypt Bouquet
Yellow Daisy, Orange Starburst  $22.00
(vase sold separately)
 Crypt Bouquet J-0955 Yellow Roses/ Yellow & Orange Mums $20.00 Crypt Bouquet
Yellow Roses/Yellow & Orange Mums $22.00
(vase sold separately)
crypt Bouquet J-0793 Red & Blue Roses/ White Fusia Flag optional $20.00 Crypt Bouquet
Red & Blue Roses, White Fusia $22.00
Flag optional
(vase sold separately)
 Crypt Bouquet JX-1169 Red Rosebuds/ White Carnations/ Red Berries/Evergreen $20.00 Crypt Bouquet
Red Rosebuds, White Carnations, Red Berries & Evergreen $22.00
(vase sold separately)
Crypt Bouquet J-0504 Alstroemeria/ Easter Lily $20.00 Crypt Bouquet
Alstroemeria and  Easter Lily $22.00
(vase sold separately)
white rose, red accents Crypt Bouquet
White rose, red accents $22.00
(vase sold separately)
peach rose, orange and yellow mums Crypt Bouquet
Peach rose, orange and yellow mums $22.00(vase sold separately)
Yellow & red rose, lime lillies crypt flowers Crypt Bouquet
Yellow & red rose, lime lilly & whisteria $22.00
(vase sold separately)
 Evergreen and poinsetta crypt flowers Crypt Bouquet
Evergreen & poinsettia flowers $22.00
(vase sold separately)
Niche Fluted Bouquet White Carnation/Red Rose $12.00 Bud or Fluted Niche Bouquet
White Carnation & Red Rose $15.00
(vase sold separately)
 Niche Rose Buds Available in Yellow or Red $12.00 Bud or Fluted Niche Bouquet
Rose bud available in Yellow or Red $15.00(vase sold separately)
 yellow and red rose, lime lilly, whisteria niche flowers Bud or Fluted Niche Bouquet
Purple, yellow and red  flowers $15.00
(vase sold separately)
spring mix cemetery flowers Bud or Fluted Niche Bouquet
Spring Mix $15.00
(vase sold separately)
daisy rose cemetery flowers Bud or Fluted Niche Bouquet
Daisy and rose flowers $15.00
(vase sold separately)
burgundy pink white rose cemetery flowers Bud or Fluted Niche Bouquet
Burgundy, pink, white rose  flowers $15.00
(vase sold separately)
daisy cemetery flowers Bud or Fluted Niche Bouquet
Daisy flowers $15.00(vase sold separately)